The Pipe Guys: An Introduction

The Pipe Guys: An Introduction
January 21, 2013 The Pipe Guys

About 10 years ago I pulled my first tobacco pipe out of its box. It was and is a Peterson B10 in British racing green. A friend kindly brought it back home for me after his trip to Ireland. I smoked it hot and wet that first time, and a couple times after that. I didn’t enjoy it much at all at first, but I tried again day after day. What brought me back to that pipe time and time again was not the pleasure of smoking, because if pipe smokers can well remember their first few smokes, it must be admitted that they were not very enjoyable ones. What brought me back each time was the ceremony of smelling, sifting, packing, lighting, and puffing. It became by all standards a ritual, and one that fulfilled something which I see as being deeply human.

All religious affiliations aside, it is deeply human that people all over the world flock to cathedral and mosque to observe their prayers and works. It is deeply human that we create traditions, habits, and routines for ourselves each year, week, and day. We are creatures of ritual by nature. And so I sift my favorite tobacco blend between my fingers, pack gently at first then more firmly, draw slowly and sweep a soft flame over top my bowl, blow the first puffs of white smoke into the air above me, and finally enjoy the fruits of my labor. My ritual has begun again.

If you are reading this blog, it’s likely you already know the feeling of a warm pipe in hand and the pleasure that comes with this age old practice. If not, I truly hope you will someday. This blog is not for me, nor is it solely for you. Rather, it is for us. We are a community of people who share a great common thread, and we intend to talk about it.

While we began as pipe smokers, Jon and I have taken our passion one step further and began making pipes of our own. Neither of us have made a habit of selling our work, we simply enjoy the art and the opportunity to improve ourselves daily in our pursuit to create something of beauty and function. Naturally then, we hope to eventually start discussions on various pipe making topics as well. Otherwise we plan to talk about the things we all know and love; pipes, tobacco, accessories, smoking stories, and perhaps we will occasionally highlight pipe makers, useful websites, and other relevant information.

There is only one rule; enjoy! Please let us know what you think; we want this blog to be a conversation, not a dictation.

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  1. Hello all.

    I’m a young, college aged guy named Joe who was introduced to the world of pipe smoking with my father a few years back. It’s been something that my friends and I have all picked up simply because of the social aspect of it. There is nothing like sitting around a table on the back porch with a couple of friends and discussing whatever topics are brought to mind by the burning and churning of the pipe along with the similar motions of the brain. I’ve had theological, emotional, political and even just social conversations that have really caused me to reflect.

    Ultimately, I found your blog through one of my favorite singer/songwriters Audrey Assad. She forwarded a link to this website and I of course came running. Pipe smoking and even pipe making are things that I’m extremely fascinated by and cannot wait to further proceed into the depths that it entails.

    I guess I’m posting because I see how young this website is. I can’t wait until all of the headings and tabs are filled up with different articles to read and expand upon my knowledge, or lack thereof, along with people who share my interests and hobbies. Keep on with what you’re doing.

    Smoke on,

    • Jon 11 years ago

      Thanks, Joe! Pipe smoking with friends really does seem to stir up some great conversations. We certainly plan on filling up all of those categories over the next coming weeks and months, and we will be adding some great interactive content as well. Thanks for reading!

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