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Father the Flame: A Smoking Pipe Documentary

Father the Flame: A Smoking Pipe Documentary
April 28, 2013 The Pipe Guys

Director Chad Terpstra and Producer/Co-director Rush are putting together a marvelous documentary for our beloved pastime, and giving the once humble smoking pipe a dash of limelight it deserves. I say “once humble” because the vision, skill and dedication of pipe makers like Jeff Burt-Gracik, and briar cutters like Mimmo Romeo (both featured in the trailer) have transformed the smoking pipe from a once common smoking vessel, to a unique piece of beautiful craftsmanship. We hope “Father the Flame” will cast a more positive light on smoking pipes for the public eye, seeing as how the words “smoking pipe” are usually first associated with delinquent activities. The “Father the Flame” crew will be at the Chicago Pipe Show this year at their own table collecting donations, filming, and just shootin the breeze with fellow pipe enthusiasts. Make sure to check out their website, and donate, if you feel so inclined, to make sure this wonderful project can be seen to completion!

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Comments (2)

  1. Daniel 6 years ago

    This is a nice documentary, make another one! It makes me want to go to a pipe show, i’ll have to keep my eyes open for one close to me.

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