Pipe Maker: Wayne Teipen

Pipe Maker: Wayne Teipen
May 12, 2013 The Pipe Guys

Perhaps up until now only the most involved pipe enthusiasts will have been familiar with the name Wayne Teipen, but as any patron of the arts knows, great talent has a way of being outed sooner or later. Wayne Teipen began making pipes in 2008, after two years of smoking and collecting. If nothing else, one can say that Wayne is a methodical man, and his work is truly a manifestation of that fact. Taking time and giving copious amounts of contemplation to each piece, Teipen pipes are engineered with precision and formed with attention to even the finest details.

This pursuit is certainly a labor of passion, not of commerce, since these arduous efforts limit one’s production significantly. Producing roughly 60 pieces in a year, Wayne sets his sights on perfection with each pipe he completes, and the result is a refreshing and welcome change from the status quo.

Quality with the Classics and the Original

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Taking cues and gaining knowledge from fellow pipe makers, Wayne developed a penchant for his craft. Creating classics like the full-bent billiard on the left, and original shapes of his own design like the Teipen original sitter on the right. He is a versatile and creative carver, but never forsakes his high standards of engineering, even for the most demanding shapes and dramatic bends. Every piece is crafted with mechanics and beauty in mind. The quality and beauty of his work is only matched by the quality of his character. If you ever have the chance to travel to one of the international pipe shows, take the time to speak with Wayne. His unassuming personality and mild manner may impress you just as much as his world-class pipes.

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