Smoker’s Haven: Continuing the Tradition

Smoker’s Haven: Continuing the Tradition
September 18, 2014 The Pipe Guys

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In the mid-1900’s, pipe smoking was a very big deal. Millions of people (particularly men) across the country smoked a pipe as part of their daily routine, and the pipe carried with it an air of intelligence and distinction, such that many young men took up the habit upon entering college to signify their entrance into the elite world of the educated. It’s estimated that there were approximately ten times as many pipe smokers then than now. It was just around this time, in 1940 to be exact, that Smoker’s Haven opened its doors. It was perfect timing–the shop was a smashing success.

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Back to its Roots

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Fast forward almost 75 years, and Premal Chheda continues the legacy created in those days by the original shop keepers. Premal’s father purchased the shop from the second owner of Smoker’s Haven, who had allowed the business to expire, and the iconic shop nearly disappeared. With the shop now belonging to his family, Premal began at a very young age. With these early beginnings, his experience serving customers and working with pipes and tobacco is extensive, to say the least. In fact, he’s a wonderfully talented pipe maker as well.

One of the Pipe World's Best Kept Secrets

Aside from being a sizable and well stocked tobacco shop, Smoker’s Haven sells their own special pipe tobacco blends produced by none other than J.F. Germain & Son, who many pipe smokers will know as the purveyors of the famed Esoterica blends, including Stonehaven and Penzance. What particularly shrewd pipers are well aware of, though, is that one can avoid all the mad dashes and missed opportunities associated with trying to get one’s hands on Esoterica by heading over to Smoker’s Haven for an equally magnificent tobacco sans “unobtainium”. Blends like Cognac and Exotique Mixture have earned highest marks from critics of pipe tobacco, and their followings are not insignificant.

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Curating the Best

For this reason, we are truly excited to announce that Premal has offered us the opportunity to carry Smoker’s Haven blends in our own shop. To be the first external authorized retailer of these world-class tobacco blends is an honor and a privilege that we gratefully accepted! Head over to the Pipe Tobacco section to fall in love with a Smoker’s Haven blend, and join the ranks of savvy smokers who have been enjoying some of the world’s best!

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