March’s Pipe Guys’ Pick: Commonwealth

March’s Pipe Guys’ Pick: Commonwealth
March 25, 2014 The Pipe Guys

Samuel Gawith’s Commonwealth is a quiet older brother to the more recognizable SG blends. At first it may come off as a one that lacks excitement: 50% Virginia and 50% Latakia. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. But remember that Virginia tobacco is one of the most popular tobaccos in the world due to it’s natural sweetness and surprising complexity, and remember too that Latakia is the greatest of flavoring agents available to tobacco blenders even today.

Steeped in History

Commonwealth, in its simplicity, is fairly typical of the tobaccos that come out of the old Kendal Brown House. It seems to be the Sam Gawith philosophy that fancy isn’t always fine, and simple is sometimes best—or maybe 200+ years of tobacco production experience makes you less likely to sway with the winds of trend. Either way, there’s no denying that the House of Gawith can produce a mean smoking mixture, and Commonwealth is no exception.

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Strength in Simplicity

To speak of character, with this blend, makes for a short conversation. It pretends nothing, and it keeps no secrets. It’s a mouthful of spicy, smokey Latakia, paired with some cool-smoking steamed Virginias to bring it down to earth. Stout, simple, and honest. If you’re the “give it to me straight” sort, this might be just the blend for you!

Make no mistake, though, this is no tobacco for a panty-wearing namby-pamby. Proceed with caution.

Commonwealth can be had for only $7.90 until Friday!

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