February’s Pipe Guys’ Pick: Royal Yacht Mixture

February’s Pipe Guys’ Pick: Royal Yacht Mixture
February 27, 2014 The Pipe Guys

Royal Yacht Mixture from Dunhill is a unique sort of blend. Virginia is the only leaf involved in the recipe, in various forms of course, making this a very sweet, yet complex pipe tobacco worthy of it’s nearly cult-like following. Some consider it a “love it or hate it” blend, but it tends to be a favorite with Virginia lovers (pardon the pun), and can also be a great option for those looking for a segue from heavily cased tobaccos to the world of non-aromatics.

Dunhill's Piquant Virginia

With lighter, more summery Virginias added to heavier, cooler ones, the tobacco base in this blend will offer up a fairly broad aroma. From sweet hay to raisins and plums, opening a tin of Royal Yacht is a sensory experience in and of itself.

Some of that extraordinary room note will actually translate to the taste, albeit less pronounced than the smell. And it’s a good thing—the tin note is fairly pungent and we’re nearly certain that nobody would want all that in their mouth at once. Halfway through the bowl you may find yourself looking for a chair if you aren’t already in one, because the nicotine content is fairly high, which makes it a great blend to sit back and relax with. As for the “unique flavor” that’s added while blending, well…who knows?

If you haven’t tried Royal Yacht, or if it’s an old favorite, pick up a tin or two now for only $9.90 until Friday.

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