September’s Pipe Guys’ Tobacco Pick: Irish Oak

September’s Pipe Guys’ Tobacco Pick: Irish Oak
September 20, 2013 The Pipe Guys
Peterson’s Irish Oak has a sly nature. Aged in oaken sherry barrels, one might expect an overly sweet and aromatic blend inside the tin, but not so. Many years ago during a gusty winter in Philadelphia, I purchased a tin at a little tobacco shop on Walnut Street. I turned my collar up against the cold, packed the bowl of my pipe to the brim, and once lit, the warmth of it warded off the frostbite even as snow began to fall. I walked the length of the street to Rittenhouse Square, taking long, slow draws of my newly acquired blend, and I liked it very much. It was the first pipe tobacco I had ever purchased, and it was Irish Oak.

Fond Memories

As you might imagine, this tobacco has a special place here at The Pipe Guys. In hindsight, it’s clear that there are better tobaccos for the absolute beginner since it is by no means lacking in strength, and carries a very mild but distinct sour sweetness by virtue of the Perique. Nevertheless, whatever your experience level, Irish Oak is a wonderfully complex and enjoyable tobacco blend!
Upon opening the tin, you are greeted by the smell of tangy fruits and smoky sweet hay. Char the leaf and taste the mild introduction of Cavendish and hints of the Virginias. With each successive draw, you’ll get closer and closer to the woody, peppery, and spicy finish that appropriates the name.

A Blend for the Cool of Autumn

As the warmth of summer passes, and October brings it’s chill, The Pipe Guys offer you a timely solution: Peterson’s Irish Oak. Enjoy at the discounted price of $7.90 until midnight (EST) on September 27th.

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  1. Andy Seifried 11 years ago

    Wow guys. I just purchased a tin of this from my local pipe shop (trying to help out my brick and mortar shop) and boy, was I impressed.

    I grew up on a farm in western Oklahoma. As soon as I opened the tin, I was greeted with a smell that reminded me of the sweet milo hay we used to put up in our hay barn. It was all the wonderful smells, without all the itching and burning. This really brought back some youthful memories.

    I must say, I was surprised at the spiciness at the end of the smoke. I found it to be extremely pleasant. It paired incredibly well to the Maker’s Mark I was sipping on.

    Thanks for the recommendation! Bring on the cool weather!

    • Author

      Terrific thoughts Andy! The Perique is definitely what’s responsible for the spiciness, and its a great balance to the sweet Virginias and and nutty Burly. We totally share your sentiments too; Autumn is lovely season, especially for pipe smoking! Enjoy Irish Oak!

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