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From Plug to ribbon, pipe tobacco comes in various cuts, and it’s far from being an erroneous detail. With practicality and aging potential on the line it pays to know the details.

Pipe Tobacco

An excellent pipe tobacco is without a doubt one of the finest preparations of the tobacco leaf. Using multiple varietals of the plant, practicing age-old and often secretive techniques, and exercising uncommon patience in the aging of the final product, blenders are not unlike vintners whose good wines have intoxicated the world for millennia. In addition, the variety of pipe tobacco blends are essentially limitless. With the various leaf varietals, blending options, cuts, curing techniques, drying methods, and tasteful flavorings, every time a blender sets out to create a new concoction the final product is sure to be unique. We treat pipe tobacco like the valued product that it is, and purpose to only carry the best of it. As with almost everything, some blends just aren’t for everyone, but every blend we carry is hand-picked by us based on its quality and reputation.