Erinmore Flake
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Erinmore Flake

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3 out of 5

The leaves for Erinmore Flake are selected only from premium tobacco growing regions of the world. The blend consists of mature Virginia, mellow Burley and sweet dark air-cured tobaccos. It is pressed into cakes, aged and cut into slices, to be packed according to your preference, and providing a mellow and cool smoke with flowery and fruity notes.

Strength Medium
Flavor Moderate
Room Note Pleasant

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Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.25 x .75 in

50 grams


Virginia, Burley








  1. 3 out of 5

    Out of the tin, this blend is underwhelming (if I were being charitable I would say “subtle”, but that would not be helpful to the buyer). The tin note is pleasant, but pretty standard for a Virginia blend. The smokability is about what one would expect for a flake — if a bit on the moist side (very much recommend rubbing them out and giving it five to dry with this blend!). The scent is pleasant, but again pretty standard for a Virginia pipe tobacco blend. The flavor and strength are pleasant, but also pretty standard.
    By now one will have noted the theme. There is nothing to DISLIKE about this blend but in and of itself it is underwhelming. The citrus notes were present but so “subtle” (i.e. underwhelming) that if I’d not known from the description to look for them they’d have gone unnoticed.
    All told, this is better than drug store pipe tobacco, but utterly lackluster alongside some of the other blends offered by The Pipe Guys.
    That said, many pipe tobaccos seem to improve with a bit of aging and this is where the good points of this blend may come into play. The flakes are tight, concise and tightly packed. I’d wager this blend will age well and indeed I’ve wagered the full tin shy the two flakes I smoked making this review.
    I will write a second review after the tin has matured for a few months.

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