Bow & Stern
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Bow & Stern

5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
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5 out of 5

There is perhaps no greater feeling of freedom than being adrift on the open ocean, the salted air breaking over the bow and filling your senses with the briny smell of adventure. That has nothing to do with these tobaccos, but it sounds great, doesn’t it? The term “navy blend” or “navy cut” has maritime origins, but has become somewhat of a loosely used descriptor. These are some top-notch examples of the new navy breed.

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Davidoff: Flake Medallions Mixture

A very fine “VaPer” blend from the Swedish Cigar legend, Davidoff. A mild Black Cavendish makes up the core of this curly cut blend, complimented by layers of the finest quality Virginia and Perique tobaccos. Davidoff’s Flake Medallions is a balanced blend with a pleasant room-note that will not overpower.

Dunhill: De Luxe Navy Rolls

Dunhill’s penchant for class and quality reaches new heights with its Deluxe Navy Rolls. Notes of figs, raisins, and dark fruits, reminiscent of a Belgian Trappist beer, usher from the opened tin as the disks, comprised of only the finest Virginia and Perique tobaccos, are revealed. Its flavor follows suit, and will leave you pining for the next bowl. This top-shelf VaPer is neatly packed and impeccably presented in a most attractive tin.

Escudo: Navy De Luxe

Escudo’s Navy De Luxe is a curly cut tobacco made from a blend of top quality Virginias with just a touch of perique to produce a well-balanced smoke with a classic flavor profile that will never get old. A “VaPer” of the highest order and a truly indelible favorite that only gets better with age.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Looks like a great pack. I haven’t had the Davidoff, but the Dunhill and Escudos are must-try Virginia/Perique blends. When you pop a tin of the former, raisins and fresh hay will dance on your nose. With Escudo, it’s similar but a bit more of figs and earth. (As it ages, the Escudo starts to smell more and more like a quality black tea; my Dunhill is still pretty new.)

    Keep in mind that VAs are high in sugar, so smoke these slowly in order to avoid tongue bite. Play around with packing methods too. Finally, know what you’re getting into with Perique, the “Per” in “VA/Per.” It might be the most interesting type of tobacco known to man, but it isn’t for everybody:

    That said, these are very good brands and blends for dipping your toe into the world of VA/Pers.

  2. 5 out of 5

    These packs are a great idea. I really like Navy Rolls, maybe I need to give this a shot soon.

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