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Selecting the Right Pipe

The process of picking out just the right pipe can be nothing short of madenning. We’ll give you the ins and make sure you end up puffing something you love.

Smoking Pipe Shapes Guide

From Acorn to Zulu, its hard to keep all the shapes straight some times. Our pipe shapes guide is the best around, bar none, describing the shapes in all their beauty.

Handmade vs Factory Made

This is but one of the many debates in the smoking pipe world. We don’t cut any throats…we just give it to you straight. The differences, the pros, and the cons of both.

Smoking Pipes

Smoking pipes have been in existence since approximately 5000BC, but they’ve come a long way since then. The smoking pipes enjoyed today are the evolution of those original instruments. Briar root is unearthed with difficulty, boiled, dried, and cut into blocks. Then it is masterfully shaped, carefully drilled, and finished with the utmost attention to detail to produce a smoking pipe that will not only last a lifetime, it will continually impress you with it’s beauty. We have an ever expanding selection of handmade smoking pipes and pipes from some of the most world-renowned pipe companies, such as Peterson of Dublin. Whether painstakingly crafted by hand from start to finish, or created by a skilled work force, each smoking pipe is the fruit of many a man’s labor. Fill it with your favorite pipe tobacco, and enjoy it thoroughly.