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5 out of 5

1865 is the year it all started for Peterson. This is a full-bodied English blend made from some of the finest leaf, including smoky Latakia. It is one of the three new tobaccos known as the “Founders’ Collection” made to honor Charles Peterson, Henry Kapp and Fredrick Kapp on Peterson’s 150th anniversary in 2015

Strength Medium
Flavor Moderate
Room Note Tolerable

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Additional Information

Weight 6.4 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 2 in

100 grams


Virginia, Latakia











Room Note



  1. 5 out of 5

    On opening the tin, the aroma you’re greeted with is one you’d expect from any Latakia blend: rich, full and smokey like thick-cut bacon or a roaring fireplace.
    I found the ribbon-cut leaf to be ready to smoke right out of the tin; not too dry and not too moist it was perfection at the starting gate. I’ve done my best to preserve this by keeping my new favorite in a mason jar. I don’t know how — or if — 1865 ages well, but given that it’s a ribbon cut and not a flake, I rather doubt it.
    The smoke is nice and slow burning, with only a bit of moisture as you reach the dottle, for the most part — though if you get too enthusiastic with it (and it can be tempting as you’ll read on) you may pick up a slight before you get there.
    The smoke is sweet, rich and not too strong — but not weak either. I suspect most pipe smokers would find it perfect!
    What surprises most is the room note: The Pipe Guys list it as “Tolerable” but this does not do 1865 justice! Having tried English blends before (such as Frog Morton), I expected something with a heavy, smokey aroma that would drive away anyone but the one enjoying it. Not so! The room note of 1865 is rich, warm and surprisingly sweet. Notes of leather, soap and a very subtle hint of the aforementioned sweetness dash away the heavy smokiness found in the tin note.
    In flavor and on the nose, this one is a pleasure.

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