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  • dunhill-standard-mixture-mellow-pipe-tobacco-50g

    Standard Mixture Mellow


    Standard Mixture Mellow from Dunhill is a lighter version of the namesake blend in every regard. Brighter in appearance, lighter in character, and not quite as heavy handed, it bears a resemblance to it’s bigger brother, but with slightly sweeter, yet mustier tones. A great introductory English blend for those with a taste for something light and approachable.

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  • dunhill-nightcap-pipe-tobacco-50g



    Nightcap is a gargantuan blend. Fine Virginias and Orientals are married with piquant Latakia, just before a dose of fragrant Perique is added to further enhance the calming bouquet. A full-bodied blend best enjoyed when the daylight wanes, and one gets settled in for the evening. Just be careful not to doze off with your pipe in your mouth!

    [progress_bar percentage="100" name="Strength" value="Powerful" type="" colour="#000000"] [progress_bar percentage="100" name="Flavor" value="Full" type="" colour="#000000"] [progress_bar percentage="33" name="Room Note" value="Pungent" type="" colour="#000000"]
    4.5 out of 5